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October 17, 2013


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Crowman & Wolfboy are an unlikely pair of shadow creatures on a bizarre journey to escape their own nature and find the mysterious "humans". Help them flee the planet of shadows and the life-devouring Darkness following their every step. Will the path to “humans” lead Crowman & Wolfboy to happiness? Will they ever escape the persistent Darkness? Could a real life crow lift a real life wolf over pits of mutant garbage cans? ...What?!


The team at Wither Studios created Crowman & Wolfboy as an expression of their appreciation for childhood platformers. These games have helped remind the team how unforgiving games used to be. Every level a gauntlet, movements needed to be planned and perfectly timed for fear of restarting. Every small win an epic achievement for the brave few that dare test the waters and push through the challenging puzzle. Gothic influences are also apparent in Crowman & Wolfboy and the team searched for creative ways to incorporate these mature themes into a lighthearted story and a visually appealing art style. There are hints of science fiction within the story and design of C&W. The mysteries that lie within the voids of space provide a vast landscape to paint countless story possibilities and interesting twists in what a contemporary platformer can offer.


  • 40 levels of challenging platforming action!
  • Unlock new and special abilities
  • Run, Jump, Fly, Climb, Smash, and more with intuitive controls
  • Collect light orbs that push back the pursuing Darkness
  • Captivating soundtrack by Hildor of Dethlehem
  • Find hidden items, unlock ancient knowledge and save the babies!
  • Travel through space and time in unique play modes!


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Awards & Recognition

  • "PAX East Indie Showcase" - PAX East, 20 April, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Endless hours of enjoyment"
    - Lucy Ingram, 148Apps
  • "The controls are tight and responsive, and every error is going to be your fault."
    - Chris Carter, Touch Arcade
  • "I really can’t get enough of this game"
    - Frank Inglese, Capsule Computers

Additional Links

Twitter profile
The voice of Crowman & Wolfboy https://twitter.com/Crowman_Wolfboy

Kickstarter campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2079929955/crowman-and-wolfboy-ios-adventure

About Wither Studios

Wither Studios is composed of six talented dudes with one vision – to create engaging and thought provoking games.

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Crowman & Wolfboy Credits

Steve Gabry
Creative Director

Brian Turner
Lead Programmer

Mike Thomas

Bill Jones

Doyle Daigle, II

CJ Kuehn

John Cobb
Technical Art Lead

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