Wielding darkness to create meaningful connections.

Wither Studios aims to create weird, unique games we would love to play. With a collaborative effort by our talented team, we deliver unique experiences that players can emotionally connect with.

Wither Studios is an independent video game development team. The team is composed of six people with a passion for their work. Wither was originally founded in 2009 by Steve Gabry and John Cobb. After two years of planning, prototyping and team building, everything started coming together and developers Brian Turner, Doyle Daigle II, and Mike Thomas joined the team. Production on Crowman & Wolfboy officially began in 2011. C&W is a runner / platformer hybrid about escaping your inner darkness in search of something better. A successful Kickstarter campaign helped get the project started and gain some momentum. In 2013, we released our first game, Crowman & Wolfboy, on Apple's App Store. It was then ported to Android and Steam, in the following years.

In 2015, we began working on IMMURE, with a new sound designer on board: Jason Matuszewki. IMMURE is a psychological horror game that examines the dark side of humanity. 2019 saw the release of IMMURE Part One on Steam. The following year, in 2020, we released two games: IMMURE Part Two and Touched by an Outer God. The former is an action horror FPS that was made as part of the Dread X Collection 2.

In 2021, Wither Studios began working on Monster Party - a horror survival party game.

Current Team


Obscured Steve

You may also know me as Portable Moose, my solo project, where I am creating the dark adventure series, Sally Face.


Obscured John

I block out the levels including geometry, texturing and try to accurately match key location concept art into Unity.


Obscured Mike

I do programming, design, sometimes writing, and a lot of work within Unity alongside our other teammates. There is always more to be done!


Obscured Doyle

It was exciting to no only get to explore creating a UI for an oldschool horror experience, but I also really enjoyed creating terrifying art pieces for IMMURE.


Obscured Brian

My background is programming of various kinds from Web to Mobile to VR and to Microcontrollers. When not programming, I enjoy flying my drone and growing my beard.


Obscured Jason

I’ve been into music and audio since I was 13 when I bought my first guitar, and have since had a winding path that led me right to where I want to be; designing and composing for video games!